E-Smarts offers variety of dashboards to school management to monitor and manage daily school operations with ease. It covers almost all aspects of school management such as automation of fee payment, admission and other processes, security (through the latest RFID system), scheduling of all school events like examinations, events, holidays, and management of transport.

E-Smarts with RFID based school tracking

Efficacious India Limited presents to you the most modern and technologically advanced RFID school management system - E-Smarts. The innovative software and modules collection has been designed after extensive research for schools and educational institutes and helps the school administrators, teachers, students and parents in various ways.

E-Smarts for Schools

The software has a wide array of web-based and offline features and tools that facilitate instructors, teachers and management/administrative staff to manage different aspects of school management such as perfect student tracking, security and monitoring; event planning, attendance regulation and more. In addition, it assists the school administrators in a host of other ways so that the administration can make better and faster decisions.

RFID based school tracking

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification System uses radio frequencies for tracking children and students in pre-defined school areas. Through the advanced system, a parent or school administrator can know where the child or student is in real-time. It helps to prevent mishaps.

Futuristic Security

Our inbuilt security system issues alerts to the school administration in certain situations (trigger points) and prevents mishaps by making the concerned person aware of the child’s/student's absence. The system is designed to trace the log-ins and log-outs of children during their transit from schools to their homes in school buses as well.

Fixed asset management and tracking

Through our fixed asset management module, the school administration can easily manage all the fixed assets that are placed in classes, staff rooms and school offices.

Inventory management module

Through our inventory module, you can track all the material and inventory transactions of the whole school. This provides for faster categorization of equipments and products that can also be easily traced in times of need. The module reduces the work pressure of your inventory handling staff to marginal levels. Real time changes related to addition and removal can be made as well.


The attendance and information module of our software helps you to know all the details relating to students and their attendance performance. Our transport module can be used for defining transporters, for defining routes for the passengers and for other purposes. All the information can be tracked in real time.

Some other key benefits of our RFID-based school management system E-Smarts include:

  • Advanced Tools for school management and functioning
  • Paperless and virtual management for saving time and costs
  • Automation of various school processes leading to complete transparency
  • Introduces better efficiency in staff leading to better results and reputation
  • Seamless communication among school staff and parents about every aspect relating to the students
  • Better management of examination schedules
  • Better event planning
  • A separate Library module for managing and maintaining the library

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