E-Smarts is the latest RFID school management system and holds tremendous benefits for teachers, students, school administrators and parents in many modern ways.

The software provides for the best-in-class teacher assistance framework and helps the teacher to save both time and efforts so that he/she can channelize his/her energy in more important tasks.

Attendance Gathering And Monitoring

  • Best-in-class attendance registering through use of Bio-Metric inputs and Smart Cards
  • Any time assessment of student attendance through online modes and fast rectification of discrepancies
  • The RFID-based school tracking system uses radio frequencies to ensure that all student movements are tracked in real-time to their specific locations, and no abnormal absence gets unnoticed

Swift Flow of Information

  • Teachers can view their administrator-defined classes easily.
  • Online notice board for viewing holidays, examination schedules, and easy syllabus downloads for lessons planning and references

Instant Messaging Module

  • Instant message generation and delivery for all school activities related to teachers like notification of unplanned holidays etc.
  • Instant messaging and alerts from RFID-based school tracking system in case any student is absent without information

Integration Module

  • Fast delivery of marks allotted by teachers to students in their exams subject-wise
  • Easy scheduling and quick distribution of notification of all activities related to students and teachers such as cultural events, picnics, Parent-teacher Meetings, etc.

Performance Monitoring And Analysis

  • Best modules and software tools for measuring and analyzing the performance of a child in sports activities, stage shows, internal competitions, etc. and easy and fast displaying of results

Effective Content Management and Easy To Access Content

  • Easy uploading of teaching notes on the web and their fast publishing so that any student can view download and use the notes for study purposes

Dash Boards and MIS reports for instant reporting

  • Highly interactive dashboards for faster viewing and analysis of information and generation of MIS reports at the click of mouse

Full Automation

  • The most advanced software has all the functions fully automated so that all the tedious jobs such as preparation of mark sheets can be done easily and quickly.
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