Our E-Smarts dynamic school management system holds tremendous advantages for school students. Through the system they can improve their attendance levels, easily view their performance related data in academic and other school activities and improve in a timely manner. They can also share and download teacher-issued notes online and form groups for working on shared assignments. The RFID based school-management system also improves their security while they are on school-campus or when they are in transit from their home to school and vice-versa.

Modern and effective student attendance management system and module

Our best-in-class and truly modern RFID-based student attendance system helps the students to register their attendance easily through biometric input and smart cards. Students can also check their attendance online, improve on the discrepancies and apply for the rectification. The futuristic attendance module also helps the students to know the top-most attendance-wise five best performers of the class. They can apply for leave through the system itself and the leave application automatically escalates and reaches the next hierarchy/authority level for approval.

Easy information dissipation through Information Module

Through our system, a student can view his/her daily class schedule as defined by the school administrator. The system also displays all information relating to events, holidays and exams in a vivid manner so that the students can plan their activities well ahead. The syllabus of the students is there on the online information bulletin and can be accessed and downloaded by the students any time they wish.

Examination module for better preparation

The examination module helps the students to know all aspects of the exam like dates and timings of different subject exams, sitting arrangement, etc. Through the module, students can also see and download their current and previous mark sheets.

Integration Module for remarks

The students can use the integration module for knowing the subject-wise remarks that have been assigned to them by teachers.

Performance Analysis of academic and co-curricular activities

Students can know about their performance remarks and marks that they have acquired in cultural, sports and other co-curricular events.

Content management for easy notes sharing

The students can easily view and download the contents of lesson notes that have been provided to them by the subject teachers. Students who have similar assignments can form online groups and share the notes and subject/topic content amongst them online itself.