E-Smarts is a new RFID School Management System and employs the latest radio frequency technology for tracking student movements. It also has a host of other features that benefit school administrators, students, parents and teachers alike.

Our modern and state-of-the-art E-Smarts school-management system holds tremendous advantages for parents and provides them unique monitoring benefits of their ward’s performance along with providing for better security for mishap prevention.

Modern Attendance Module For Monitoring Ward’s Attendance Patterns

Our unique system helps parents to view the attendance of their wards at any time they wish. Apart from knowing the attendance rates, parents can have an analytic comparison of attendance of all students in the class and know the five best students based on attendance-wise performance.

Information Module For Planning

The latest information metrics and module system provides in-depth, accurate and timely updates to parents about upcoming school events such as Parent-Teacher meeting, cultural events, holidays, and vacations. Also, they can download the syllabus anytime for their wards.

Integration system for fast messaging and analysis

This part of the system provides for seamless flow of information among the system users. Parents can know and view the marks of specific subjects that are assigned by the teachers of respective subjects to the ward. The system generates automated messages for informing parents about special events and days like fee day, picnic day, etc.

Performance display

The system provides the performance related data that a student achieves in any co-curricular activity such as sports, stage shows, competitions, etc. The analyzed data helps the parents in judging the performance of their child and for improving it.

RFID based school tracking

Our modern and technologically advanced system tracks the student movement through the latest RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology. Hence, parents and school administrators are able to prevent mishaps and know more the student activities and movements.

Key benefits of our latest RFID-based school management system for parents:

  • Timely alerts of the student’s/wards arrival and departure from the school
  • Regular and timely updates of all events and happenings in the school (which are relevant to the parents)
  • A special login provided to each parent for knowing and judging their ward’s performance in examinations and co-curricular activities
  • Easy communication with teachers of all subjects
  • A fully customized and user-friendly app (for all mobile platforms including Windows, Blackberry, iOS and Android) for parents so that they can track the movements of the ward’s school bus easily and on-the-go
  • Online availability of exam schedules and holidays in-advance so that parents can easily plan vacations